Thursday, March 30, 2006

Interview With A Reader

With the recent formation of our book club I decided to interview one of our readers. As we all know, to a writer, the readers are the ones we want to hear from. It is for the readers that we write. I want to thank Linda for agreeing to be interviewed. 1. What is your favorite genre? Romance? Paranormal? Sci-fi? Mystery? Answer:My favorite genres are romance, fiction, and chick lit. I will read almost anything with an interesting storyline.

2. What will make you pick up a new author? Answer:A lot of decisions go into me picking a new author who I've never read before. I read reviews on Amazon and other sites. I ask friends if they ever read this author. I check their ratings on Amazon to see if they are a popular author. Most importantly, the author has to have written something interesting for me to go out of my way to try their books. Also a pretty cover never hurts! LOL

3. What is one thing would you like to see more of in the books you love? Answer:What a great question! I would like stories that don't have predictable outcomes. With a lot of romance novels, the same storyline is recycled over and over again. I like real characters. Every character in a book doesn't have to be 110 pounds, blond hair, and blue eyes. I like when an author goes out of her way to write something original and different from everything else that has already been written.

4. Tell us a little something about yourself. Have you yourself ever wanted to be a writer? Answer:I love to read, but I have never thought of writing myself. I know it takes a lot of work and skills to become a writer. As of now, I am content with just reading wonderful books rather than writing one myself.

5. Do you find most authors approachable? Answer:I have never met an author in person, but I have chatted with a lot of authors. The authors I did chat with were very approachable and friendly.

6.Besides getting an invitation to join Romancing the Book, book-club, what made you join? Answer:I joined because I like hearing about new authors and books.

7. What do you hope will come out of being a member? Answer: Learning about new authors and hear about new books to read.

8. Judging by your email address it's obvious that you love to read. Do you read everyday? Answer:Yes I read everyday, every minute, every chance I get.

9. Linda, do you think if our youth read more it would have an effect on their lives and if so why? Answer:Reading is a positive thing for children to do. Reading opens your mind and your imagination to a whole new world. I think having your child read, instead of watching TV and playing video games is fundamental when they are developing to be adults.

Writers, there you have it. To Linda and all readers thank you and please continue to read.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Now What?

This question is for the writers: Now that you have acheived your dream with getting the phone call, tell us what happened next for you interms of emotions and work. Curious. it't the reason for the Now what.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Take a moment

From time to time I've paid a visit to the blogs of my friends. I'm impressed that they manage to keep up with it and have so many things of interest. I've seen pictures and interviews, tips, all kinds of things. And I've wanted those things to magically appear on mine. I waited for it to happened but alas it didn't. Guess what? I found out that I have to actually write it myself. WOW!! Okay, take for instance the fact that I just attempted to start a new paragraph and the thing wouldn't move. Sometimes I think my computer has a mind of it's own. Anyway, forgive me for all of this being together but, hey, blame the computer not me. For the past month I've been stressed with writing and editing and having no time to think. For the moment I'm done and it feels good. I know I only have a short breather before the next book is edited for 2007 so I will enjoy this little respite while I can. Take care. If you read this drop a line, let me know how your stressful days are going. Peace,

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
Adam Omega, returns vengeance