Sunday, November 15, 2015

My thoughts on....COWARDS

Today, there will be pictures that will make you smile.  I'll also not post any that will make you cry. Instead, I will do something that I rarely do on social media. I will talk about the undervaluing of life.

99% of the time I stay away from topics that have nothing to do with writing. I wouldn't be addressing this issue now if I wasn't aware that only a handful of people will read this.  I prefer to keep my private thoughts just that. Private.

This latest bombing in Paris though has me wondering.  Humans who murder other humans and think they've done something worthy of taking credit for confuse me. Do they not understand that they are COWARDS?  When you plan and carry out attacks on unarmed, unsuspecting people that make you a coward.

If you go into a classroom filled with 6-7 year old babies and began firing, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go into churches and kill those who are worshiping, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go into a filled theather and began sprayign the audience who's there for a couple hours of entertainment, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go to a political event and start shooting, leaving babies dead, families grieving, and a woman with a promising carrer alive but dependent on her husband, that makes you a coward.

When you commandeer jetliners and fly them into buildings, that make you a COWARD.

When you spray a resturant while diners are laughign and talking, trying to enjoy a night out, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go inot a concert hall and began firing, killing hundredres who have no idea what's happenign, that make you a COWARD.

When you bomb trains, that makes you a COWARD.

When you stand behind a man with his hands bound, with him thinking this is the same game you've played with his life before, but this time you actually behead him, that makes you a COWARD.

And to want to take credit for all of this, that makes you crazy. Some pray for your deaths.  I pray for a healing of the world, and yes, you're in the world, so I pray for you as well. I pray that whatever has affected the minds of so many across the world, will be eradicated.

One question though: This is for those whom this apply to. Why the military training?  You're not fighting on a level playing field. You're hunting down your fellow humans with guns, and explosives, knowing beforehand that they're unarmed and can't fight back. Do you really think you're going to receive praise for this? What the heck is your end game?

Cowardice is not an act reserved for those that slaughtered so many a few nights ago in Paris, nor is it for those here at home who have been targeting our schools, churches and theaters. Cowardice also applies to the abusers of anyone less stronger than you and unable to defend themselves.

While I don't truly believe my praying for you will have much affect, I do believe in KARMA. Perhaps it's time you said a prayer for yourselves.

Here's hoping Cici Edward has something a bit more upbeat than what I've written.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
Adam Omega, returns vengeance