Saturday, December 30, 2006

catching up

Good morning,

I know it’s been a few days and believe me there is a very good reason that you haven’t heard from me. The first has to do with my own impatience. Yes, I'm one of the few people still using dial up and sometimes to make the connections take so long that I stop it in annoyance.

There’s a very good reason for that also. I’m doing galleys or proofing the mss before it’s printed and comes out. This is the last chance I will get to make sure things are correct.

Now just might be a good time to warn you that this will be a very long post. Okay back to the original subject. I just figured out myself why books have so many mistakes, too many cooks stirring the pot.

I’m going to take you quickly from the conception to the delivery. First the book goes from the author to the content editor. This will be where the majority of work will be done. The content editor will make suggestions on what isn’t flowing and things that have been left out. They will ask the hard questions the ones the readers will ask about why is he doing that, things like that. The manuscript then goes back to the author. This will be where the author will look over the comments and suggestion of the content editor, agree or disagree and will add scenes, or cut some and corrections made. It then goes back to the editor and a basic clean up take place word choice, punctuations, and things like that. It goes again to the author and hopefully very few new scenes are added because those will also have to be corrected.

Here things may vary and I’m not altogether sure of what I’m about to tell you now because as many times as I’ve been told I’m still not clear of the job description of these other editors. The book then goes to a line editor who I assume check each line for mistakes. Then it goes to a copy editor. Don’t ask. Then it goes to the typesetter who put the manuscript in book form. Next we have the proofer whose job it is to primarily look for mistakes, missing words, places where the typesetter has fused two different paragraphs, that sort of thing. Then it goes back to the author one last time.

Here is were the problem comes in. At least for me this is where the problem came in. Somewhere along the line things were taken out or added given what I’d written an entirely different meaning. A misplaced comma can do a world of damage but changing my words…..lets say ahhhh—Especially when the meaning is changed.

So what does that mean? I have to go over my book with a fine tooth comb checking with my original sometimes even finding that there was a mistake in there on my part. I’m not perfect. This part is a lot of work. I tell you it is a lot of work. And I’m not done.

This is the kicker. This is the last time I will see this book before it’s in print. When I’m done checking it it has to go back to the typesetter and I pray that everything is not only put in as I’ve asked but I have to pray that the changes won’t do crazy things to the typesetting.
Let’s throw in the fact that we’re doing this electronically and something just might get missed. I’m old school and don’t believe you can catch as many things sitting in front of the computer as you can catch with a hard copy in your hand. Also consider this fact. As the author I might also see it as I wrote it in my mind and not what’s on the paper, therefore missing something because since I believe it should be there I see it there when it’s not.

I know self-published or epubbed authors have been taking hits because of the many errors in their work. Know this, no author regardless of how they’re published wants to put out a bad product. I think they just don’t have enough eyes helping with the checking. Where I on the other hand think I have too many. LOL. Either way I hope you have a better idea of how the publishing industry works and how hard we all try to make sure your books are as error free as possible.

To that end it leaves me with very little time to wait to be connected on AOL and to post. Plus add this to the mix. Sometimes I write something long like this and Amazon makes it disappear. Deatri told me that she now writes in word and paste it on and that’s what I’m doing this morning. Besides this has spell check and Amazon doesn’t or if it has I haven’t seen it.

Like I said this is a very long post and I know it. LOL. I am going to try and come back and say Happy New Year but just in case I don’t make it, Happy New year. I had wanted to tell you about my Christmas. Oh well

Happy Holiday from my family to yours

Bill, Billy and Dyanne Davis

P.S. If this had gone through the editorial process you would have found some punctuation in there instead of my long run-on sentences. LOL

Monday, November 20, 2006

Anderson Book Store

I was and still am so excited to see my book at Anderson's bookstore. Bill took this picture for me. And check out the name of the authors on the next shelf and the ones next to Misty Blue. If you can make out the writing on the self where the book is that is also cool. Happy Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good News

Great New!!! My short stories are now available for purchase at for .49 The titles are ONly you a prequel to my book that's coming out in FEb. 07 Forever and A Day, and Dreams are for entertainment, which is the prequel for Let's get it on. They both give you a peek into the characters.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This and That

I am going to attempt to attach a picture of the authros that were in attendance at Southwest women working together. From the back Michelle Larks, Carla Curtis, Earl Seawell, Angie Daniels, Lisa G. Riley. Front Barbara Keaton, Deatri King-Bey and Dyanne DAVIS

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Abuse and Worthy Causes

Today I will be joining several of my friends to raise money for an organization called, Southwest Women Working Together. Barbara Keaton, of Cupid and Nights over Egypt coming out in Dec from Genesis Press is on the board. She asked me to....I'll have to take that back. She told me that I was going to be there as well as Lisa G, Riley of At last and her newest, part of an erotica anthology, Wicked Delights, Deatri King-Bey of Caught Up and, her newest, Beauty and the Beast coming out from Parker in Dec, that we were all to come to this event and being the good little friends that we are we said sure.

I almost forgot. She strong armed Nikki Woods of Easier Said than done into being the M.C. Then she got Angie Daniels and Earl Seawell to be our guest. She managed to get great prizes one including a dinner with Earl for whoever brings in the most guests.

Okay, I know you're wondering where the heck I'm going with all of the above but you know how friends are mention one's name and not the other and well....things can get pretty ugly. LOL. OOPS. Sorry. Kelle Z. Riley author of Dangerous Affairs is also a participant.

Anyway back to what the reason was for me writing this. Barb gave all of us jobs to do and kept adding to them I might add. The latest thing was to go to the dollar store and buy ten red bags. She had earlier asked us to post all of the information on all of our sites which I will admit here in public that I didn't do. I try to walk the line between spamming people and telling them things that they might not want to hear so I only posted it one place.

Well yesterday I was in the dollar store and besides the red bags I found tons of things that I will use later when I'm making up gift bags for my readers. So the cashier finally asks me when she's ringing up the bag what they were for so I told her about the event today.

She proceeded to tell me with a full line of customers behind me that she was a survivor of spousal abuse, that her throat had been slashed, both legs broken, ear drum shattered and numerous other things. Then she told me that her fourteen year old daughter was being abused by her fifteen year old boyfriend and that her daughter ended up in the hospital because she had begun cutting into her flesh. The boy was telling this child where she could go, whom she could see, and what time she had to be home. I was in stunned disbelief even as I stood there looking on the woman's battle scars.

It was then that I knew that spamming or not this subject is important enough that I said it. If anyone out there needs helps getting away from an abusive partner and that include men who are abused by women please contact me if you can't find any of the many places that offer help on your own. For the people living in the Chicago area I will post the information on my website.

If you're an abuser please get help, if you're a victim of abuse, you're not alone there are people willing to show you a safe way out of your situation. Please call someone. No one knows you have a need unless you tell them.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yesterday my niece needed me to baby-sit her three month old baby. And she wanted me to come to her home to do it. She wasn't going to get home until about 10:30 pm. So, from noon until then.
You already know that I like being at home in my own house. And you know that I don't like to change my daily routine. You're also aware by now that I can't stay awake past 8 P.M.
My niece decided to bring the baby to me since it would be longer than the two hours she had orginially asked me to keep him. Her reason: I would still have access to my computer and be able to write. Yeah right!!
I have to admit he is the cutest little baby I've seen in a long time. Bill and I always pop in to see him for five minutes when we're passing right by their home. My niece lives in the next suburb from me, not even five minutes away. I'll saying that to say this, I'm not against babies just having them change my entire day.
Guess what? He got to me. He got to Bill and when Billy came home from work took one look at him and this grin appeared on his face, so wide that you would have thought he'd won a major prize, I looked at Bill and said, "Oh oh he's sucked the entire family in.
Jermaine(JO JO) gurgled, cooed, laughed and smiled his way into our hearts like never before. It wasn't the same as the little drive bys we'd been doing. We didn't leave his side even when he took little catnaps in my bed. Bill and I were in the room with him, touching him, kissing him, talking about how cute he is.
You know you can almost forget how wonderful it feels to have a new sweet smelling baby lying on your shoulder, your chest just holding them even while they sleep and not worrying about spoiling him because Hey, lets face it, he had to go home with his mother. LOL.
I don't remmber if I blogged about this, that when he was born you couldn't touch him without using this hand sanitizer and you definitely couldn't kiss him. Tanya actually had the nerve to bring the sanitizer to me yesterday. I wanted to laugh at the child. We kissed that little baby so much you wouldn't believe it and I wasn't even thinking about writing. Bill even said to the baby, "Why haven't we kept you before." Whenever he was going to leave from where the baby was he'd come right to his face and say, JO JO, uncle Bill is going to leave for a few minutes I have to....fill in the blanks. I thought it was so cute. I wasn't doing that though.
But I did let him cry for a couple of minutes while I just held him and listened to him. I tried to tell myself it was because I'm a nurse and I've never heard him cry. When I tell you that I was holding him smiling while he cried you could say I'm mean or insane but I'm going to tell you the reason since I figured it out. I couldn't comfort him if he didn't cry. There would be no need to say, whatcha matter with the baby. LOL.
When Tanya picked Jo Jo up she said to us when she was leaving, "Okay show the baby some love." I said, "Tanya, you're holding him for us to kiss him?" She answered, "Yes, you've been doing it all day anyway." LOL.
Sometimes interrupted plans bring many blessings. Did I stay awake? Just barely. Will I keep him again. You bet, in a heart beat.
Dyanne--still smiling.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Survivor Series

This morning I went to the Wild Women blog where a number of Genesis press authors have created a writer's blog. I decided the message I wrote there is the same message I want to put on my personal blog this morning. If you stop by please give me your opinion on this subject. Thanks-----Dyanne
Wild Women
Reading, Writing, and Romance
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Survivor Series
I have been reading a lot of posts about the new survivor series. First I was never a fan of the show. I have never liked having people pitted against each other and stabbing each other in the back to win something. The idea then of someone being voted off of something... Well... Lets just say it doesn't appeal to me. Hang-ups from childhood and being one of the last picked for teams...I don't know. I just know that I don't like it.Now it seems as if I took a nap and the world has started a backwards movement. In case you haven't heard the new show will feature groups based on racial lines. Their reasoning, they received complaints about not having enough of a cultural difference.I have no idea what they plan to achieve with this divisive tactic other than create discord. But my real objections concern the participants. Doesn't any of them know what this is going to do? Do they care? Is the thought of being on television and the chance to possibly win a million dollars worth so much that nothing else matters?The thought that are in my mind about the outcome of a show like this is so horrendous that I can only see polarization. Have we as a people sunk so low that it only matters what we do in our lives if it will advance us or get us some sort of publicity.? Do we not and I mean every single human being, do we not have a responsibility to this planet to try and at least keep it here for our children? MY God!!! What are they thinking? We're worried about a terrorist missile, I hate to see the fallout from this show. If I were a terrorist group I would just wait around while we destroy ourselves.Dyanne
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Friday, August 25, 2006

Changing Times

Have you ever had the image you hold in your head of yourself smashed into tiny little pieces? Okay, I'm being overly dramatic.But seriously some things make you think. Admittedly I'm frugal. I just don't believe in spending for the sake of spending and I do like to get what I paid for or more than what I paid for.

In other words I love bargains. You need this info for the set-up. LOL. On Wednesday Bill and I (you all know that's my hubby right?) went to long Jonh Silver's. We placed our order and went to the windon. Bill is in the process of handing over the money and the cashier says, "oh wait a minute I almost forgot. I don't mean to offend but it's senior citizen day and you get 20% off.

Neither my husband nor myself have reached that age and believe it or not I have a long time to go. But saving 20% is saving 20%. LOL. I laughed all the way home. When we got there I looked at Bill and said, "Hmm, she must think you're the senior because I know she couldn't be talking about me."

The funny thing a week ago I was talking to Lisa G. Riley and telling her how i was now using my age to get the things I wanted. You know, the respect your elders thing. Well when I went for jury duty I kept getting taller people to change the channel on the telvevision for me. I told Lisa when you get a certain age you can do certain things, people either think you're crazy or they have respect for their elders. Either get what you want. LOL. And now it appears you get things you didn't ask for. Listen if I wasn't so darn frugal I might think about a face lift but like I said I don't spend for the sake of spending. Nature will win in the end and I will be thousands of dollars poorer, so I guess I'll get ready to visit more places on Wednesday.

Have a great week-end everyone.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

ADam's Ring

I really needed something to liven up this blog so I'm showing you a picture i found of my vampire's ring. this is so Adam.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Romance Writers of America

I just returned from RWA's nation conference that was held this year in Atlanta. As a chapter president this was thrilling for me on many levels. I learned ways to make my chapter grow and remain strong and of course I met up with old friends and made new ones. I even managed to squeeze in a visit with family and a little shopping. Also $64,000 was raised for literacy. The one thing that distressed me most was that African American readers rushed past the African American authors without so much as a nod.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Forever And A Day--Excerpt

Chapter One

Friday August 27th 7: PM.

The smells of jambalaya fought with the gumbo. “Mama, don’t put in any okra.” A useless request, there would be okra in the gumbo, but there would be so much more food to eat that it wouldn’t matter. The smile appeared on her face before she could stop it, and Torrie relaxed for just a moment to enjoy the different aromas. Taking a deep breath, she inhaled. The scent of catfish wafted throughout the house. The hush puppies were piled high on a platter, waiting for the hurricane party.
“What if this one’s for real?” Torrie turned toward her sister. “The weather reports say it’s going to be bad.” As expected, Kimmie, her sister, laughed at her.
“There’s no need to fear. How many times have we been through this, a million?”
“Not a million.” Torrie stopped and swayed, putting her hands on her hips. “Besides, this one feels different. I’m scared.”
“There is nothing any different about this storm than from any other. We’re going to have a party. There’s going to be some rain, maybe a little flooding, but nothing major. Come on, Torrie, you know how it is.”
Torrie turned and stared at the gathering crowd. She walked toward the kitchen. The smells pulled on her, and the laughter filled her heart, but something loomed in the far recesses of her mind. Doom. She shook it away, but it came back. Something was wrong. This was a party same as any other. The ninth ward had huddled and prayed through this many times. She wasn’t sure if it was the governor and the mayor or her constant dreams, or a combination, but she was truly worried.
A warm hush puppy was shoved into her mouth. Torrie bit down, savoring the taste. Her stomach growled, alerting her to the hunger she denied. “Everything looks good,” she whispered. “Look everybody,” she reached for a glass, then hit it several times with the back of the butter knife, stopping the swarm of voices and laughter. The sea of brown faces turned toward her.
“What’s up?” more than one voice inquired.
“We have time to leave New Orleans before the hurricane is scheduled to hit. Let’s do the party tonight, but tomorrow let’s just go somewhere else, maybe Lake Charles, maybe… maybe…I don’t know, but I’m going to call around and try to find someplace to go for a few days until the hurricane passes. I don’t feel safe? What if the levee breaks?”
Laughter rang out, a dozen voices drowning out her words.
“Please, the levees will never break,” said Auntie Mattie. “They will hold regardless. We are blessed by God, his favored people. God don’t have no doing with the poor, only the rich. He will not touch our homes don’t worry.”
“Have you spoken to God?” Torrie insisted stubbornly. “Did he tell you that he wouldn’t destroy our homes?” She turned to face her Auntie Mattie and waited patiently for the answer.
“The Bible said it wouldn’t be water but fire next time. The hurricane, honey, that’s water, and I’m not afraid. Hurricane Katrina is not gonna bother me none.”
“What if it does, Auntie?”
“Look, if you’re scared pray about it, and God will put your mind at ease. But we’re trying to have a party here, baby, you’re putting a real damper on it.”
Try as she might, the feeling wouldn’t leave, then the chills started, and she was taken back as she always was to when she was four and huddled in a corner at nursery school. Torrie could remember Jake’s face as plain as day. Only a few months older, he’d come to the corner where she was cowering and had removed her hands from her face. She’d stared into his golden brown eyes, and he’d smiled at her.
“Hi, my name’s Jake. I’ll sit with you,” he’d said. “You don’t have to be afraid. I’ll protect you.”
The two of them had sat hand in hand, looking at each other until the storm passed. When Torrie cringed at loud claps of thunder, Jake smiled and squeezed her hand. “I won’t let thunder hurt you, Torrie,” he’d boasted, puffing his chest out. And somehow, she’d believed him.
Torrie had gone though many storms with Jake. She’d even had her first kiss with him, during the middle of a thunderstorm. They’d been to a mall and had gotten caught in a thunder storm, her body had trembled at the sound, and Jake had put his arm around her, laughing at her, telling her as he’d done a hundred times in the past that he’d protect her. Only that time something was different, the way he’d held her was different. His voice had become husky and low, and she’d suddenly felt hot, unable to breathe. The storm was forgotten when she’d turned to stare at Jake. His eyes held a look she was unfamiliar with and had never seen, but she had some inner knowing of what was coming.
She tilted her head up at the same instant his lips came down. He kissed her tentatively at first, then bolder. Things she had no way of knowing their meaning surged through her. Heat shimmied down her spine, and she felt Jake’s body harden as he pulled her close.
That had also been Torrie’s first brush with classism. A man, Jake’s neighbor Torrie later learned, had snatched Jake away from her and asked what the hell they thought they were doing. He’d threatened to tell Jake’s parents that he was kissing on a Thibodeaux girl from the ninth ward out in public. Name and skin color meant so much in New Orleans. Not as much as it had in the fifties but the tentacles still remained.. It always amazed Torrie that strangers, like Jake’s neighbor, could look at her face and know that her name was Thibodeaux.
The abruptness of being pulled apart by a stranger surprised Torrie. Jake’s face had turned red. His eyes, which had had that funny look right before he’d kissed her, changed. He was angry. Torrie had cringed. Jake was in trouble for kissing her, and when he moved further away from her, Torrie had seen another look in Jake’s eyes. Shame.
She’d stood for a moment, looking as his eyes darted back and forth from her to the man who had broken them apart. Fury blazed from Jake’s eyes. Whether his emotions came about because of her or his neighbor, she wasn’t sure. With a sob in her throat, Torrie ran from the mall and hadn’t stopped running until she got home.
Her friendship with Jake changed that day. They no longer laughed as easily or shared their secrets, and eventually it almost stopped. Two years after their kiss, Jake left town, and Torrie only heard from him occasionally: on her birthday, Christmas, and when it stormed. Of course there had been the call to tell her he was in love and the one a year later to tell her he was getting married, and the call five years ago telling her he was divorced, that it hadn’t worked out.
Torrie glanced toward the phone, wondering if Jake was listening to the news, wondering if he’d call. She smiled; of course he’d call. He always did, and she’d assure him she was no longer a child, no longer afraid of storms. But they’d both know it was a lie, but a lie between old friends that could be accepted. After all, they lived in different worlds, and Jake could no longer protect her from the storms.


“Damn,” Jake swore as he looked at the weather report. He’d called Benjamin, a meteorologist for the Mississippi Times, and asked if he thought the possibility of a major hurricane was imminent. He wanted to affirm if all the reports he’d heard were true. After all, the Big Easy was always threatened with such news. The news from Benjamin was grim. Yes, yes and yes. This time the authorities had it right. The mayor was not just blowing smoke up anyone’s behind, and the governor had done the right thing in ordering the populace to evacuate. Jake immediately thought of Torrie and her dire predictions and the dreams she’d had since early childhood that New Orleans would be destroyed. He’d always told her she was too pessimistic, waiting for the shoe to drop, that nothing would happen. He glanced again at the television, remembering how many times he’d promised to protect her, to not allow any old hurricane to destroy their town.
“Damn,” he muttered as he paced his office. Why the hell did he care any more? In the twelve years since he’d left home, she’d never once initiated a conversation, had never sent him one letter, one card, not on his birthday, not at Christmas, nothing. If he didn’t keep in touch with her, she wouldn’t care.
He groaned, feeling the ache deep in his chest. He still cared about her. He’d cared about her when he was five, and he cared about her at thirty. When he’d called to tell her he’d fallen in love, he’d cared. When he’d told her he was getting married, he’d cared. And five years ago when he’d called to tell her that the marriage hadn’t worked out, he’d cared. But in none of the conversations he’d had with her through the years, had she ever shown him more than the little polite conversation one has with an old friend. If it hadn’t been for the one incessant vision he’d had of the two of them, perhaps he would have stopped calling her years ago.
The only time Jake saw glimpses of the friendship he’d valued so long was when he heard there was a storm coming. On these times Torrie seemed genuinely glad to talk to him, even expectant. He’d calm her down, and they’d laugh over her silliness. The only time since he’d been gone he’d not called her during a storm or threat of hurricane was when he’d been married. He had the first year, then he’d stopped, saving his calls to Torrie on special occasions. He’d decided he couldn’t worry any longer about talking her through the storms.
Once his divorce was final, he’d slipped back into his old pattern as easily as one slipped into a comfortable pair of loafers. He knew Torrie. He knew she was probably watching the weather reports like a hawk. And he knew she would be scared, but he also knew she wouldn’t leave New Orleans, wouldn’t seek safety. That knowledge made him sick with worry. For once he was the one taking Torrie’s dreams seriously. Damn, he thought for the third time and dialed her number.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Forever And A Day

Great news!!! My first cover from Parker publishing and you're the first to see it. Let me know what you think. email me. Two people born and raised in New Orleans, have drastically different lives until a storm unites them. But can love overcome secrets, corruption and economic class? Can true love survive Katrina? Light skinned, privileged and with the right last name Jake Broussard know none of the hardships and prejudices Torrie has suffered, but he knows he loves her. Chocolate beauty, Torrie Thibodeaux, a resident of New Orleans lower ninth ward, doesn't feel so beautiful in a place where the ideal Black woman is light, bright and damn near white. But she only wants one man to think she's beautiful and worth to be loved. When Hurricane Katrina strikes the Big Easy, it brings Jake and Torrie together, but they are forced to defend their love and fight against tradition, corruption and greed

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Review of Misty Blue from Romantic times

MISTY BLUEby Dyanne DavisRT Rating: 4 Stars: Category: CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEPublisher: Genesis Press/indigoPublished: May 2006Type: Contemporary Romance (African-American)
In this sequel to The Wedding Gown, Davis presents more mature characters and reveals greater details surrounding Mia's and Damien's upbringings. Examining the psychological effects of child abandonment and self-doubt, the author depicts a much more complicated tale. Not the typical alpha male, Damien's character adds a delicate balance of sensitivity -- just when Mia needs it most -- without coming across as weak-willed. And though Mia's thoughts don't always make sense, she is a likeable heroine that readers will have a difficult time forgetting. This is, by far, Davis' best work yet, and alludes to the fact that this series may become a trilogy. (May, 220 pp., $9.95)—T.L. Burton
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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Interview with Talented Book Cover Designer Chris Esler

Hi Chris. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview. I’ve admired your work not only on my own book covers but also on some of the other genesis authors. It is your work that’s seen first and it’s that first impression that will get the reader interested in picking up the book. You are the first line as it were. Your work is a direct partnership with the author even if you’ve never met them. And it is your work that the readers ask a lot of questions about.

Q: So tell me Chris How did you first get into this field?

A: I got into graphic design after realizing I didn’t want to take accounting in college. I knew I loved computers, and yet I loved to draw. I was a sophomore and really didn’t know what I wanted to do after changing my major. One day my father gave me a newsletter from his university (University of Eastern Washington) and there was an interview was with someone my father thought I might be interested in. The interview was with a fellow alum named Todd McFarlane. Some may not know him, but I was amazed. He was a talented comic book artist and writer who became extremely well known for doing Spiderman for Marvel Comics. The article was about him and his fellow comic artists starting their own comic book company called Image, and Todd’s new comic hero was named Spawn (you might have seen the movie). Anyways, Mr. McFarlane also elaborated about how he studied Graphic Design. Immediately I knew that was what I wanted to do. At least the publishing part of it. And to be able to still draw was a plus too!

Towards the end of graduation I managed to get a lucky call from Wilbur Colom of Genesis Press who was fishing my university for designers to work on some book covers. My first book cover was called “Lasting Valor” by Vernon Baker and Ken Olsen about the first African American to win the medal of honor. It’s an autobiography that turned out to be a big deal – there was a foreword by General Colon Powell and a few notes by President Clinton. This ended up being the start of something that I fell in love with.

Q: Was this a lifelong dream of yours

A: Growing up I always liked to read. I was reading Moby Dick and Jack London when I was seven years old. My parents were very supportive of my appetite for reading. Did I know that this would possibly lead me to a calling that I was passionate about? At the time, no. But after having actually done my first book cover, I was hooked and a lot of it is due I believe to my early attraction to reading mixed in with my desire to create something visual. A business partner and myself started a company called Interlink Media Group to take on the demand for our design services for both print and for web.

Late in 1999, I had a disagreement with my business partner and I decided to part ways. I took a new job that was strictly web oriented. I thought I would be ok without doing books. But I really did not know how much I would miss it.

After a couple of years of being away, I called Genesis again to see if there was any overflow work that I could possibly help with. As fate would have it, they did need help, and this is what I consider to be the truly defining start of my book designing career. Most of the books that I have done from this point in time have been some of the best work I’ve ever done. Part of it has to be that I had grown in skills with designing with the computer, but another part was the fact that I realized that this was something I loved, and I put all my passion into it and was able to produce some amazing covers. The feeling of being able to go to a book store and see something that you did, or to even get letters from the authors thanking me for making their cover really did make it a dream come true.

The work has grown to such a level, that my wife has become a key player in helping me keeping up with things by scheduling, researching, and doing basic administration of what has become our small family book design business that we call Dibolmi. In case you are wondering, Dibolmi is the internet name of my wife that I knew when we had first met online 7 years ago. It stands for her full name, Diana Teresa Bolivar Millan. That was a mouthful, so she came up with Dibolmi. But I digress.

So I would say yes, book design was a lifelong dream, but it took me a little bit of time to realize it. I don’t want to ever step away from it again. I would like to be designing books fulltime, and slowly I am creeping my way towards being able to fulfill that dream.

Q: Can you name some of the other books that you have designed covers for? Of course I know that you’ve done, The Color of Trouble, The Wedding Gown, Misty Blue and my next book, Let’s Get it On.

A: I have designed probably close to 200 books. I can’t really name them all. One of my favorites though is of course my first book Lasting Valor, for sentimental reasons. Probably some of the newer covers I’ve done for mass market paperbacks have been pretty good. I’ve done covers for Gwynne Forster, Donna Hill, Beverly Clark, and of course Dyanne Davis. J

Q: Chris, can you tell us if the author has any input at all on the covers?

A: Well it depends. If it is a reasonable request that won’t have a terrible impact on the marketability of a cover, I would say the publisher will consider an authors request. However, if for some reason the request is whimsical and not entirely relevant to the story or characters, the publisher may pull rank and say no. I’ve seen it go both ways.

Personally, I like to get some feedback from the author because it helps me capture the essence of their book. Obviously I have to design a cover that will sell, but I also want to make the soul of the book apparent. The old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” holds no merit in this day and age

Q: What do you use for your inspiration for covers? Do you use back cover blurb or marketing information?

A: I generally get a tip sheet that has basic information about the book. I tend to pull most inspiration through lots of research and gut feeling. My wife and myself sit down and take the name of the book and dissect it. Writing out many synonyms for the title as well as reading the synopsis and writing out synonyms for the basic plot of the story. We use these as our keywords and begin a massive search for images on all the various image libraries. Most of the time I’ll know when I see an image that it is the one. But sometimes a image will only be good for part of my vision so I have to use more images to develop the cover into a collage. And there is the occasional moment where I actually do a full blown illustration.

There are times though where I can’t seem to get the cover. This is definitely where I get in touch with the author to help lead me out of my block by helping me understand their characters and the situations they are in.

Q. I’ve visited your website just to get an idea of what else you’re working on. Could you tell the readers what it is that you’re working on and what they can expect to see when they visit your website?

A: Well I have two websites actually. I have my personal website ( which is more of a reflection of my thoughts regarding work in the internet field as well as book design. Not much in the way of photos unless they are of my adorable two year old daughter Isabella.

My new site that I am pushing for my design work as a book designer and illustrator is called Dibolmi ( To get an idea of what I’ve done and what I’m doing is to check out the Portfolio section. I am currently adding all the books I’ve ever done there. So far I’m on 1999 with some 2003. I plan to have them all uploaded soon so you can see what I’m working on.

The Dibolmi website will have a lot more information about the services I offer and news about my covers. I think the biggest new lately is that one of my covers was going to be featured at Book Expo of America by Kensington Publishing Group.

Q: Of course, I know that you’re a genius with the romance book covers. Are there any other romance publishers you work with?

A: Only recently have things gotten to a point where I am pushing to do this full time. I currently only work with Genesis Press. I work with Kensington Publishing Group, but with them I am still work on Genesis Press books…just their mass market books.

I’m really looking to get my name out there as much as possible among the publishers to be able to get more covers to work on. Maybe I can become the next Chipp Kidd…hehe. Or at least reach some level of notoriety (hopefully good) that I can work with many many publishers. Know of any other publishers that might need some book design help? ;)

Q: Are you working on any other genre, --non-fiction, sci fi, paranormal?

A: The primary genre I deal with is romance due in part to Genesis Press who focuses mostly on romance. But I have done and still do some general fiction, autobiographies, anthologies, Christian and lately scifi.

Q. Chris , I’m jut curious and you don’t have to say romance (smile) what are your favorite covers and what covers make you cringe?

A: That’s a tough one. I don’t think there is any particular genre that is better than others. Its more about the design. I’m an artsy person, so I like things to be different. I like some things that are busy and some things that are simple. Handling of color and typography is very important as well as knowing what sort of media you are going to be printing on.

Probably the genre though with the least attractive covers are self-help books – think “Books for Dummies”. A great designer that I aspire to his level is Chipp Kidd who works for Random House – There are a couple of books out now that actually chronical his work over the past 10 years.

Q: There are a lot of self published authors and I’m sure they’re going to want to know if they can get you to do covers for them. Is that a possibility?

A: Give me a call, shoot me an email. I’d be happy to design their book covers. You can reach me at my agency website or at my personal website

Q: Do you read any of the books before you design the cover?

A: I used to read them more when I was typesetting the books as well as the cover. But not so much anymore. But I do look through the insides when I get my copy, and if it peaks my interest I have read them.

Q: Would you take an author’s idea for a cover? Example: landscape and make a cover from that?

A: maybe. If it is explained poorly, maybe not. But if there is some well thought out explanation of what they would like, it’s a good possibility because now I have a better understanding of the story. Someone who says they want a cover with a field of grass and blue sky and that’s all they say will probably not get my ear. But if someone states that the grass and blue sky have some sort of meaning on the story like the main character always finds peace by thinking of a blue sky with green grass. Sure, I am more inclined to listen to their wants.

Q: What works best for you when you’re conceiving a cover-do you like images-general concepts, specifies-as in specific colors…?

A: The best inspiration for me is a well thought out title with maybe a paragraph or two of the story. Of course I need to know about the characters and general appearance. I don’t like specific colors, because that limits me a lot and can cause me to freeze up on a design. I like generalities such as locations, maybe income level or occupation, and general appearance. That gives me enough information most of the time for my own imagination to take control and I can see in my head what I want for the design.

Q: What type of cover do you like doing-cartoon, illustration, photo…
Do you have a favorite style? And if so do you think a particular style is more effective?

A: Lately I’ve been trying to do more illustration, but the drawings are based off photos. But I still deal mostly with photography. That is where my strengths are in photoshop. I’ve used that program since version 2, so I’ve gotten it down pretty good. I use it to merge photos and change peoples races or take someones face and put it on anothers body.

Probably the most effective style is some sort of high contrast. And some illustrations do this nicely. A good example is to look at some artwork by Frank Miller (known for his books Sin City). Amazing high contrast illustrations.

Q: Do you show your work to the authors before the final decision is made?

A: That generally is left up to the publisher. But if I am conversing with an author via email, I will email them a proof as it moves forward.

Q: Do you illustrate any of the really racy covers?

A: Christian Romance? Yes, although they are the hardest to do. Interracial Romance? Yes, and these can be hard depending on the setup. Steamy Romance? Yes. Erotica? Yes. The racier the cover, illustration seems to work better. It kind of works likes a tease and makes the readers mind take control and ask the question “what do they mean by that?” which in turns causes them to pick it up.

Q: What would be an option other than one with people for historical romances?

A: Historical romances are hard. You almost always have to use people, but you can use objects that are referenced to that time such as spectacles, corset, white gloves, etc. Illustration works well here too. If you are going to use people, you will be hard pressed to find appropriate photos.

Q: Does the author have the option of using an abstract covers and then putting pictures on the first inside page?

A: Hrm. That probably is up to the publisher, but I’ve never seen that really.

Chris, I want to thank you again and wish you continued success. You are truly gifted. you again. Please if there is anything at all you’d like to leave the reader with that wasn’t asked in this interview go ahead and tell us.

Where can readers reach you? And what other sites can they view samples of your work?

I’m putting up all the examples of my book covers and web designs on

They should all be up there in the next couple of days.

I can be reached a variety of ways.


Website: &

Phone: 425-220-7738

Skype: chrisesler
Skype Phone #: 425-296-6590

MSN Messenger: chrisesler2

Yahoo Messenger: chrisesler_2000

I would give my address, but we are about to move to about 30 minutes north of Seattle.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Interview With A Reader

With the recent formation of our book club I decided to interview one of our readers. As we all know, to a writer, the readers are the ones we want to hear from. It is for the readers that we write. I want to thank Linda for agreeing to be interviewed. 1. What is your favorite genre? Romance? Paranormal? Sci-fi? Mystery? Answer:My favorite genres are romance, fiction, and chick lit. I will read almost anything with an interesting storyline.

2. What will make you pick up a new author? Answer:A lot of decisions go into me picking a new author who I've never read before. I read reviews on Amazon and other sites. I ask friends if they ever read this author. I check their ratings on Amazon to see if they are a popular author. Most importantly, the author has to have written something interesting for me to go out of my way to try their books. Also a pretty cover never hurts! LOL

3. What is one thing would you like to see more of in the books you love? Answer:What a great question! I would like stories that don't have predictable outcomes. With a lot of romance novels, the same storyline is recycled over and over again. I like real characters. Every character in a book doesn't have to be 110 pounds, blond hair, and blue eyes. I like when an author goes out of her way to write something original and different from everything else that has already been written.

4. Tell us a little something about yourself. Have you yourself ever wanted to be a writer? Answer:I love to read, but I have never thought of writing myself. I know it takes a lot of work and skills to become a writer. As of now, I am content with just reading wonderful books rather than writing one myself.

5. Do you find most authors approachable? Answer:I have never met an author in person, but I have chatted with a lot of authors. The authors I did chat with were very approachable and friendly.

6.Besides getting an invitation to join Romancing the Book, book-club, what made you join? Answer:I joined because I like hearing about new authors and books.

7. What do you hope will come out of being a member? Answer: Learning about new authors and hear about new books to read.

8. Judging by your email address it's obvious that you love to read. Do you read everyday? Answer:Yes I read everyday, every minute, every chance I get.

9. Linda, do you think if our youth read more it would have an effect on their lives and if so why? Answer:Reading is a positive thing for children to do. Reading opens your mind and your imagination to a whole new world. I think having your child read, instead of watching TV and playing video games is fundamental when they are developing to be adults.

Writers, there you have it. To Linda and all readers thank you and please continue to read.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Now What?

This question is for the writers: Now that you have acheived your dream with getting the phone call, tell us what happened next for you interms of emotions and work. Curious. it't the reason for the Now what.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Take a moment

From time to time I've paid a visit to the blogs of my friends. I'm impressed that they manage to keep up with it and have so many things of interest. I've seen pictures and interviews, tips, all kinds of things. And I've wanted those things to magically appear on mine. I waited for it to happened but alas it didn't. Guess what? I found out that I have to actually write it myself. WOW!! Okay, take for instance the fact that I just attempted to start a new paragraph and the thing wouldn't move. Sometimes I think my computer has a mind of it's own. Anyway, forgive me for all of this being together but, hey, blame the computer not me. For the past month I've been stressed with writing and editing and having no time to think. For the moment I'm done and it feels good. I know I only have a short breather before the next book is edited for 2007 so I will enjoy this little respite while I can. Take care. If you read this drop a line, let me know how your stressful days are going. Peace,

Friday, February 24, 2006

MY December Release

Let's Get it on

New Romance Book Club

Hello everyone,

I think I said this in the beginning when I began this blog. I'm not the most technical person in the universe. I'm saying that to say this, I have been locked out of my own blog, Because I forgot my password. The information I want to relay to you is so important that I had to find it and get my hubby to put it away. He's the organized one. LOL

Anyway I want to invite everyone interested in reading romance and in especially romances featuring African American characters to join in our bookclub. At this point we have more than a dozen genesis authors who have signed on and all will be invited to participate.

This will be your opportunity to tell us what you like. WE would really love your company so please follow the link and join us for chatting and whatever else.

Our first featured book talk will be, "Love Lasts Forever" by Dominiqua Douglas.

Take care

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
Adam Omega, returns vengeance