Sunday, November 15, 2015

My thoughts on....COWARDS

Today, there will be pictures that will make you smile.  I'll also not post any that will make you cry. Instead, I will do something that I rarely do on social media. I will talk about the undervaluing of life.

99% of the time I stay away from topics that have nothing to do with writing. I wouldn't be addressing this issue now if I wasn't aware that only a handful of people will read this.  I prefer to keep my private thoughts just that. Private.

This latest bombing in Paris though has me wondering.  Humans who murder other humans and think they've done something worthy of taking credit for confuse me. Do they not understand that they are COWARDS?  When you plan and carry out attacks on unarmed, unsuspecting people that make you a coward.

If you go into a classroom filled with 6-7 year old babies and began firing, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go into churches and kill those who are worshiping, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go into a filled theather and began sprayign the audience who's there for a couple hours of entertainment, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go to a political event and start shooting, leaving babies dead, families grieving, and a woman with a promising carrer alive but dependent on her husband, that makes you a coward.

When you commandeer jetliners and fly them into buildings, that make you a COWARD.

When you spray a resturant while diners are laughign and talking, trying to enjoy a night out, that makes you a COWARD.

When you go inot a concert hall and began firing, killing hundredres who have no idea what's happenign, that make you a COWARD.

When you bomb trains, that makes you a COWARD.

When you stand behind a man with his hands bound, with him thinking this is the same game you've played with his life before, but this time you actually behead him, that makes you a COWARD.

And to want to take credit for all of this, that makes you crazy. Some pray for your deaths.  I pray for a healing of the world, and yes, you're in the world, so I pray for you as well. I pray that whatever has affected the minds of so many across the world, will be eradicated.

One question though: This is for those whom this apply to. Why the military training?  You're not fighting on a level playing field. You're hunting down your fellow humans with guns, and explosives, knowing beforehand that they're unarmed and can't fight back. Do you really think you're going to receive praise for this? What the heck is your end game?

Cowardice is not an act reserved for those that slaughtered so many a few nights ago in Paris, nor is it for those here at home who have been targeting our schools, churches and theaters. Cowardice also applies to the abusers of anyone less stronger than you and unable to defend themselves.

While I don't truly believe my praying for you will have much affect, I do believe in KARMA. Perhaps it's time you said a prayer for yourselves.

Here's hoping Cici Edward has something a bit more upbeat than what I've written.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Just Wondering....

I was just wondering how many of you notice if you think of something, and all of a sudden everything that happens after that thought in a way relays to it.

I'm not going to leave you in the dark about what I'm talking about, but will give you an example.  I'm working on this fiction book, God's Analyst.  This time it's not a romance, a vampire, demon, or ghost.  It's sort of a mishmash of me telling of my heavenly visitor.

In essence, I'm asking God questions and trying to analyst why and how the mind of God works. (I know, right)  It never fails that the moment I talk with anyone about what I'm writing pertaining to this particular book, then more questions pop up.  Food for fodder.  I love it.

So it was making me wonder how many of you out there are in-tuned to things like that happening to you.  Try this out: When you're in a public place pick out any one person that's a good distance from you.  I want you to stare at them, concentrate on what they have on, the height, color of hair, whatever.  I just want you to be aware of them.

Then I want you to notice that that person will turn toward you. There's energy that connect people and things, we can find it if we're aware of it.

Now my energy is focused on Cici, my blogging partner.  Why don't you check up on her, the same as I'm getting ready to do.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend..

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Let the Music fill your heart

I was planning on writing a blog detailing all the horrors that's happening in the world.  That goes against my intent to keep the blog light.  I had planned this change for days, but as I sit here, I no longer want to tell you all the horrible things you already know.  I want to attempt to bring a moment of levity into your life.

My friend sent me a link to a song that made me smile this morning.

And this one below is the one I was listening to over and over yesterday as I cleaned.

Enjoy your weekend and fill it with love, and music.  Don't forget to check out my friend Cici Edward's blog.  I'm heading over there as soon as I find a cute picture to end this. Ah, found it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

To Eread, or not to Eread

An interesting article on the state of reading  Will it be ebook or print?  Or will it be both?  Click out the link and find out what the talk is about.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Making compromises

You know all of the tee shirts to wherever?  You know the ones I'm talking about. So and So went to...and all they brought me was this tee shirt.  Well, not for us. When our son went on his recent trip to Philly I gave him an insulated bag with a request to bring back Philly cheese steaks.  YUM!

Okay, so let's have  a conversation.  Under the astrological chart I'm listed as a Virgo. One of those characteristics is that I'm not big on sharing most parts of my personal life. To me personal means just that.

Today, I'm going to change that a wee bit because undoubtedly others are experiencing the same thing. So, what is it I want to talk about?  Aging and pain.

When I was much younger I noticed that all older people seemed to do was talk about their aches and pains.  Well people, I've entered that arena.

But I'm going to take this conversation in a different direction. For instance, tough you can't see me, I have both elbows tucked firmly against the sides of my body. Why, you ask? Because I have pain in my left elbow and wrist radiating upward and I have pain n the right as well, for which I received a cortisone injection.

After being evaluated on Thursday by a number of stretching, twisting, and bending the affected body parts to see just how much they hurt and what movements produced pain, it made me laugh when it was all over.  It's kinda like you tell someone, my head hurts, and they produce a hammer and hit you over the head and then asks, "Does that hurt?"

Don't worry, it's not the actually pain I want to talk about but how we as humans make compensations in our lives to make things better. For instance if a part of your body hurts on the right side, you shift most of your movements to the left to compensate.

If you're cooking and find you don't have a needed ingredient and you don't feel like going to the store, you decide to toss in something else to compensate.

As a romance author I could even move this into the realm of writing. When the publishing industry went through changes, and I personally decided to make changes to steer my own career, I had to compensate for not being given an advance, having the publisher do the promoting of my book, pay the editor and graphic designers, and getting the books into the bookstores and in front of readers. I had to wear many hats. Some didn't fit. Promoting myself was the main one that didn't fit.  I'm a Virgo.  I'm a private person. I don't enjoy just opening myself up to cyber space.

Which brings me to this blog. If not for Cici Edward and our agreement to blog, more than likely I wouldn't be doing it. And if you noticed, as long as this blog is I haven't given you much more than I'm a private person.

How will I compensate you?  I'll show you some beautiful pictures my son took on his recent trip to Philly with a side tour to NY.

One last thing about compensating. I've always kept this blog open for comments, just in case anyone had a genuine question or comment.  I do enjoy talking to people, via comments on this blog, or emails.  My last bog post brought about over 1500 spam comments.  I'm much too old to wade through spam. So I compensated for that by doing two things. This blog now require anti spam, by putting in some kind of word.

The thing of it is, if you really have a comment to make I'd love to read it.  If you'd like to email me you can.  I'll answer.

Now, enjoy my son's pictures.

Don't forget to check out my friend Cici to see what she's talking about.  A shout out to Cici for telling me how to get rid of the unwanted span. Thank you.'s Cici.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Release day.  It's always a thrill.  Yeah.

BTW, I've gotten more than a thousand comments recently, most of them spam.  There were a few that appeared to be legit. So because of that I have a solution for those of you who would really like to reach me.

I have no problems conversing with readers/writers. anyone. LOL.  If you have a REAL question for me, just email me.


Monday, September 07, 2015

A little something to spice up the holiday

The Bet, the first story in the lunchtime quickies stories will be available Thursday, September 10th


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Little Matter of Aging

Since I didn't take a camera with me on this trip, at least the one above contain family, though in a different state.  The other one is one Billy took on a trip to Hyannis Port.

 My family flew to Alabama this past weekend to see my father and his wife. It became clear that they could use help.

What do you do when parents still believe they can do it all and refuse to listen to your telling them that info.

What happens when you have a life in a different state which requires you getting on a plane to fly to them?

What happens when the SENIOR adult children have almost as many issues as the parents?

How do you go about finding an agency where you don't have to worry that the even older parents will not be abused, robbed or taken advantage of?

Oh yes, and let's not forget, how in the world are you going to get the parents to take the help they need even though you've offered to pay for it?

Now, though all of the above are real questions, this blog would end on a downer if I were not a writer and see a story in everything.  First off let me change the tone of this blog. Because while I do want to put the words out there for food for thoughts, since every person will one day ask the same question for which I don't have answers now. When I put this into fiction perhaps I can find answers for all of us.

We did get to visit relatives in my own generation and the generation behind me. That was fun.  And it was fun taking a stroll down memory lane by returning to landmarks we'd left about 53 years ago.  We do the same thing on every visit: Go to the street where my grandmother used to live, go to the street where we used to live. Go by the church and the school.

We catch up on gossip with the relatives in our own age bracket. We marvel how the state of Ala has not resorted to cutting down all the trees in order to build. And we take a deep breath and declare we can breathe much better.  We marvel at our history, our memories and on the process of aging. We discuss the relatives who have gone, We keep the talk of aches and pain from our conversations. We try to remember all the old friends we're told that ask about us.  Too much time has passed to remember them all. Its been too long since the last visit.  But in a way it will always remain a part of us. It used to be home.  And we used to be young.

Then we return to our home state and say in unison: THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME.  

Be sure to check out Cici's blog at       

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Getting personal

Good morning, all.  Perhaps you're wondering why I'm posting this cover when this story is old...well...sort of old, and considering that the book I'm promoting is my recently published novel,
I'll tell you.Since Cici Edwards and I decided that we needed to push ourselves to  promote our work we've been working on posting a blog twice a month. During the off times we're trying to find things of interest to talk about.  If you think because we're writers that would be easy think again.

Writers are for the most part private people. We don't like divulging a lot of personal information about ourselves, so we have to find other things that we hope readers will be interested in. There's also a practical reason for that. Despite how much time and effort a writer, ALL writers put into their craft, there will always be things said about the work that can destroy if the writer hasn't developed a super thick Teflon skin. Knowing that why in the world would we expose our real lives?  We'd be crazy to. Right?

And on that note, my planned post for today was going to be just that, exposing a part of myself, my reasons for writing. But as oftentimes happens something came in and saved me from that.  I was looking for an image to use as an opening.  The blank pages opening always look a little bare to me.  Anyway, like most things in my life that I have no control over, I have even less control over where my computer will open on the numerous picture files that I have stored.

When I scrolled to Vulcan's cover, I knew I now had my somewhat changed topic.  This post will still speak about me, but only the fantasy part. Which when you think about it could indeed be the real me.

You're going to have to scroll by up and take a good look at the cover.  Go ahead, I'll give you time.

Okay, did you get a good look?  Did you get the title?  THE GOOD SIDE OF EVIL. How about the flames, and the flaming sword.  And could you see that the flaming V looks sort of like a demon?  No. Hmm. Maybe that's just me.

That whole cover tells you something about me if you think about it long enough.  I'll give you one clue: I believe in redemption.Vulcan is a demon and by definition therefore he's EVIL. Right? Wrong.I enjoyed writing about Vulcan more than any character I've ever written. I believed if anyone could write a demon and redeem him, I could. Afterall, I have a bit of a demon in me.


Don't forget to check out my friend Cici Edward's blog.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Secrets of the Orient......Now Available. YEAH!!

Finally, the 30 days of Secrets being on Amazon Scout is about to come to a close. Today is the last day for votes.It seems this book has taken an extremely long time to see the light of day. Writing a book is always the first part. After that comes revision, revision, revision, followed by editing and more revision followed by even more. Then comes the formatting of the book, waiting for the book to be approved, waiting for the hard copy to come to you.

Now comes the fun part.  You take a red pen and go through the entire book word by word, marking up anything you've missed on all the other revisions and editing.  You make the changes you've found on your mss and resubmit.  It's perfect. Or is it.  There is one word you're wondering if you caught, chose instead of choose. You look in the book to see if it's in red. Nope it's not you didn't catch that one letter, which of course make the word choice not what you wanted.

What do you do next? Leave the mss alone as it's in the process of  being reviewed by Amazon. Afterall it's only one letter you missed. You go on that way for an hour. Maybe no one would notice the one word. But you know it and your name is on this. You want it the best to your ability. Knowing there is one wrong choice and you allowed it to be printed that way is not your best. So... you get up go to your mss. make the correction, resubmit the mss wait for notice that it's being accepted.

Think I'm done?  Think again.  Now I proof the book online again and just for good measure, I download a copy and proof again.

So will all pride, I now proudly tell you that, Secrets of the Orient is now available for your reading pleasure.
As always, thanks for your support.


Sunday, July 05, 2015

Happy 5th to everyone.

It would appear that I'm emerging from my self imposed cocoon of being a hermit.  Yesterday, Bill, Billy and I actually treked to the south side of Chicago for my sister's 4th of July bar-b-que. Good food in abundance, (yes that's listed first. LOL)  family and excitement.

My niece Tanya's middle child, Martese Jr. got stuck in the bathroom. All the men were working diligently on the door, I wanted to call the fire department. I have to tell you that this four year old behaved in a very brave manner, helping in his rescue by sliding the key to the bathroom to his daddy who was on the other side and has loosened the molding.  After he was safe and sound everyone laughed that during all of the excitement, he'd forgotten to do what he'd gone into the bathroom for.

Arriving home, Billy wanted to go back out and watch the fireworks.  We had a couple of hours to wait, so I got in more time on my proofing the hard cover for, SECRETS OF THE ORIENT.

Shameless plug, I know.  But I'm sure you'll forgive me.

 Bolingbrook put on a wonderful display of fireworks and we were all glad we ventured out. In spite of crazy drivers we had a good time. And my hat's off to the Bolingbrook Police Officers who didn't make us move from the turning lane where we parked to watch. It was extra nice considering after we parked there several cars parked behind us.  Now, I'm going to go over to Cici Edward's blog to see what she's up to.  Check her out.
And last but not least, a shout out to our armed forces.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Life always has surprises.

This past weekend was a time of sadness and a time of joy.  On Friday we buried our uncle who had been suffering with emphysema for several years.

But, on Saturday to my surprise and to the surprise of everyone in this picture I actually went on a road trip to Louisville Ky. for the surprise retirement party of Dr. Withers.  That's Danny in the blue shirt.  After 43 years in the education field and having spent the last 22 years as principal at the same high school he once attended.

As I contemplated the long drive and thought about swollen ankles and leg pains I was tempted to cancel, but  I knew my sister in the silver dress(Jackie) and my niece in the black and white dress (Tanya) were taking bets on whether I would actually go.

And then there was the matter of my first cousin (Denise) in the pink dress that didn't invite me because she didn't think I would come. So I had to invite myself and crash the party. LOL.  There was just oo much riding on my going. So pain or not I was determined.

And who is that in the yellow you're asking.  That's Danielle, my second cousin, daughter of Denise and Danny and party planner.  She did a fantastic job.

Saving the best for last, Martese in the white shirt , nephew-in-law, married to Tanya.  I give him kudos for being such a good driver, being funny, making me laugh, and just keeping a ton of conversation flowing.

Now I will admit that Bill and I do appear to be glued at the hip and I will admit that I like to be with him when I go someplace.  It's much harder sleeping without him in the bed.  But considering that Bill didn't want to make the drive and even though he didn't say it, I knew he didn't think I'd go without him either, I had to go.  I never want anyone thinking they always know exactly what I'm going to do.  Not even my sweet husband of 45 years.

So even though I was tired and didn't get to see my uncle James, a goal I wanted to accomplish while in Ky. I'm so glad I went.  I had so much fun, the food was delicious, I danced, and I surprised my cousin.

And considering that my weekend started with a sad event it makes you more mindful of living while you're alive.

One last thing that I suppose as an author I should keep beating you over the head with, ( I HATE DOING THAT) Anyway, my new book, Secrets of the Orient is still on Amazon Scout and in need of votes. Here's the link to vote if you're interested.      

Don't forget to check out my friend Cici Edward's blog.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Have you ever thought what a long time 30 days is?  Well, if not I have to tell you it's a VERY long time.  As you already know, Cici and I made an agreement to blog twice a month.  We've done that.  Now you know if I needed a partner in order to blog twice a month that apparently I couldn't think of anything to tell you.

Do I want to keep posting, buy my book?  Or vote for me?  NO I DO NOT.

So what am I going to do about it? ROFL.  I'm going to force myself out of my comfort zone and ANNOY THE HECK OUT OF YOU.  But considering I have barely any traffic to this blog and will only be annoying just a few of you, I've decided to do it.

It would be kinda nice if after the Kindle Amazon Scout challenge is over, that I will find a few interesting things to blog about on a weekly basis.

If you'd like to help we keep Secrets of the Orient on the Hot list, you can go to the above link and read an excerpt.  If you'd like to see the book published, a nomination and a share to get the word out and garner more votes will definitely be appreciated.  Cyber champagne and chocolates will be on the menu if  we're celebrating at the end of this.

Don't worry, by the time this is over we'll be on the same page.  I'll be sick of me also.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Giveaway for Secrets of the Orient.

 I'm hosting a giveaway on Amazon for Secrets of the Orient, which is entered in the Kindle Scout contest.  It's a book by Rachel Gibson. I have no idea why it's not showing the picture.  Anyway, check out the link and good luck. No purchase is necessary.  It's a numbered contest and you just have to be the right number.  Amazon takes care of that and all the rest.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Secrets of the Orient- my new novel

 Good morning,

Some news: I've entered my new novel into Amazon's Kindle Scout.  It's a reader participation publishing deal.  The link will take you to an excerpt. If you vote for Secrets of the Orient, I'd like to thank you in advance.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately on aging.  That's not so amazing considering I'm doing just that. But aren't we all? Every single day you live, you're aging.

But I wanted to tell you my latest aging story. I think the older we get we generally become afraid of losing certain things that make us who we are. Memory ranks number one. You can't help but wonder when you can't remember something if it's a symptom of a larger issue.

About a month or so ago we received a letter from NiCor Gas concerning our home solution protection.  I had no knowledge of  signing up for this program and was bound and determined to demand my money back. But first I had to find out how long they'd been taking my money. It took a month to remember to actually call. LOL.

I make the call, state we didn't sign up for this and how long have you been taking my money?  The answer: since 2001. I won't repeat the entire conversation to you because it would be boring. But my take away is this:  If I am losing my memory it's happening very slowly. 

Since we can't worry about what's going to happen later in life, we may as well live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment we're given. Snap some pictures, take a day trip, laugh a lot with the people you love. Do something you've held off on doing. 

I applaud my son for having that kind of spirit. 

Perhaps I'll take a daring walk without worrying about stray dogs.

What the heck, I'm taking my pepper spray and a stick.

Don't forget to check out my friend, Cici Edward. We're sticking to our blogging plan, and believe me, that's a challenge.  I'll congratulate the two of us on our success.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
Adam Omega, returns vengeance