Sunday, June 12, 2016

Joys and Sorrow

WOW!  I really am slowing down.  I've missed several of my dates with Cici for our blogging.  To be honest I really thought I'd finished telling you about my trip to Canada that Bill, Billy and I took to celebrate Billy's birthday in April.  But judging from this one video I see I was wrong.

First off I will tell you that Bill and I just returned a few days ago from Cancun and are still resting up.  I'll share photos of that at a later date since I took some great ones with my Kindle Fire and have no idea how to take them off.  Of course Bill will figure it out and do it for me.  But honestly, if I posted those, what the heck would I talk about for this blog post.  Anyway the Bills are asleep and I have a little time to post some pictures.  Eventually in this post I'll get to the sorrow part. But first the joy of April 2016. 

Niagara Falls was magnificent.  The above view was taken from our 18th floor hotel room.  I could watch that view all day.

Just a few of the sites.

After a hard day of sightseeing and walking, we're waiting for the bus that will take us back to the hotel.  Mind you our hotel is right behind us. Be have to take this little box like contraption up the hill. It's been two months so I don't remember the proper name.  But I can tell you there is a walkway that goes over the traffic.  I'm not good with bridges, or heights and even though we'd be back in the hotel in a matter or minutes depending on how long it takes to get one of the contraptions, I'd much rather wait for the bus that takes us around and about and takes about 30 min. to get to the hotel.  The bottom picture is me tying to strike a pose to hide the wrinkles. It was something I saw Tony Orlando doing in one of his pictures on a marquee while we were here. Bill is looking at me because it' s one more reason he thinks I'm crazy.  His thinking I'm crazy is why I'm laughing in the middle picture.

Taking a detour from the trip to tell you about the sorrow. A couple of days after we returned home Prince left this earth.  It still feels like I lost someone I cared a great deal about. I can't begin to tell you how much I was wishing the cause of death had been a heart attack, or cancer. And that's because all the news reporters were reporting he died of drugs without even knowing. Even so a few days ago  it was revealed he'd died from pain medication that had been lethal and too much for his frail body to handle. It was also revealed that he had surgical scars on his hip and leg, evidence of the pain he'd been living with.  In the end

And because I don't want to leave you in a sad place, I will return to the Joy part of this post. Bill really enjoyed his birthday trip, this was what he wanted to do.

Once again, this picture was taken from the window of the hotel.

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Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
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