Saturday, April 09, 2016


I'd like to share something with you today that I hope you will give a try. Energy attracts like energy. There is nothing woo woo about that.

My blog today was intended to be about gratitude. Hopefully it will get around to that.  Let me start this out by telling you what the heck I'm talking about.  Thursday I woke in this super contemplative mood. I laid in the bed for about an hour thinking over the many blessings I'd received in my life and being thankful for them. One person after the other came to mind, and I acknowledge that they were important in my life and that I was grateful for their love.

Being a writer you know it wasn't long until I decided that I needed to write down the info. There are so many people that I have to acknowledge that I knew my blog would take weeks to get all of my thanks out.

Later that morning I posted to FB my intentions. Now this is the part where I'm taking a little detour from my post of gratitude, because by the evening I'd received so much positive love that I realized my energy had been at a pitch that allowed that positive energy flow to return to me. 

Thank you to all of my friends, who just happen to also be on FB, for responding, with likes and especially words. You gave my day such a high dose of energy that it was one of those times I didn't even have to tune in to know the effects.

Then I received this.

I have used quotes by many people.  I've never had anyone turn something I've said into a quote. This is by far one of the coolest gifts I've ever been given. When I told A.M. Wells, friend, writer, cover designer, how much I loved this, she said, "It's no big deal, it wasn't hard to do."  

That wasn't the point. She thought to do it, and most important, IT MADE ME HAPPY.  So thank you A.M. Well, for always making me laugh when you include pictures in your email that has to do with what we're talking about. I especially love the one of the woman pulling her hair out when I told you to get to work. LOL. But with this quote you've outdone yourself.  It's probably more than a little bit egotistical of me to love it so much, but so what. LOL

Now a continuation of the positive energy that flowed.  As we were going into the medical building, a man told me how much he liked my shoes, then his wife said yes, they are really pretty.

I could include the hugs from the doctor but those aren't unusual.  When I went to make my appt for an ultra sound of my legs the receptionist insisted on me using the phone there to call the hospital. The person at the hospital started this entire conversation where we  ended up with me telling her it was Bill's birthday and her telling me her son's birthday is next week.  Then miracle of miracles she gave me an appointment for later that afternoon. The positive energy was even flowing through the phone lines.

As I'm writing I realize you might become bored with my recapping every moment of the day, so suffice it to say that it was one filled with all positive energy and good feelings. During the evening when I reflected back on it, I was totally aware that it came about because of the energy I put out. The point of this post is to tell you that even the Bible speaks of this.  Whatever you want to attract be the magnet for it.  Good luck.

Now I can't end this without at least telling you that in spite of  two medical visits for me that day, Bill's birthday turned out fine. And no, there is nothing seriously wrong with me.  I have sciatica which I had almost a year ago. The test was because I was worried about blood clots. Don't forget the nurse part of me still lingers in there.  I already have the results back and no clots.  Now back to Bill's birthday.  We went to Cracker Barrel and had our usual catfish platter, but instead of having our usual fries, mac and cheese and pinto beans, we swapped those for healthier options. It was just as good. Here, see for yourself.

 Don't you just love the scarf, it's a gift from my friend, Sonali Dev. Last  but not least don't forget to check out my friend  Cici Edward's blog.

Now go and have a great day, and try putting out some positive energy. I think you'll be glad you did.

Lest Ye Be Judged

Lest Ye Be Judged
Adam Omega, returns vengeance