Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Midnight Omen Deja Vu ....Talking with Marti Melville

DD:  Today I'm interviewing Marti Melville, who just happens to be a fellow nurse.
Marti, your career has been as an Emergency Nurse.  What caused you to shift to writing a novel? 
MM: I’ve always loved to write.  I have a collection of one-page stories that really are a journal of my life perspective on random events.  Writing this novel however, was the highlight.

DD:  So what was the motivation to write a full novel?  
 MM:  I love history and the “story” that creates an individual’s life.  I wanted to pass that love of history on to my children and grandchildren.  This book was supposed to be the story of my great-great-great (keep going with the “greats”) grandmother but evolved into a different story.
 DD:  What caused the evolution into this story?  
MM:  There is some question as to the last name of one of my great grandfathers.  I researched the name in question, looking for a sailor with that same last name, Philip.  It was then I stumbled onto the not so famous pirate, Captain John Phillips of the Revenge.
 MM:  Why Captain John Phillips?  Why not Blackbeard or another well-known pirate? 
MM: Well, the first reason is his name which caught my interest.  There’s something intriguing about the idea of having a grandfather who was a pirate.  John Phillips’ story is just too good to pass up.  I’ve said many times, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”  His story was my novel waiting to be written.
 DD:  Your book has been called a paranormal romance and a historical fiction.  So which is it? 
MM:  A little of both.  I think the reincarnation piece makes the book slide into a paranormal genre.  The history is in the story of the Revenge and her crew.  All of the male characters, with the exception of Seth, are actual crew members who served under Captain Phillips. He, of course, is an actual pirate who had quite a reputation in the 1700’s Caribbean
DD:  Are all of the characters in your book based on real people?  
MM:  No.  The male characters really lived (except for Seth).  However the female characters are all fictional.  Morrigan and her sisters are based on ancient Celtic folklore.
 DD:  "Midnight Omen Deja vu" is an intriguing title.  What does it mean?   
MM:  There is one part of the story in which an omen lies on the moon. Deja vu is something everyone experiences at some time or another.  It’s the feeling you get when you are in a place or situation that feels keenly familiar, like you’ve been there before. 
 DD:  I've experienced quite a bit of Deja vu in my life.  Like right now I might add. LOL.  I think maybe the question I should have asked you was if your title has more to do with an omen or with deja vu. Either way it's intriguing and I'm sure your answer which I'm willing to be was designed not to give too much away, (so I won't either) has captured the readers attention. Moving on. Your website mentions possible real people you know who your characters are modeled after.  Who is Kathyrn?   
MM:  That is true for a few characters but not all.  I suspect all authors write about what or who is familiar to them.  I am no different.  Kathryn is modeled after both my daughters.  One daughter has mesmerizing sapphire blue eyes.  The other has a feisty personality with long dark hair.
 DD:  Actually, I tend to use the names of people I know more so than their personalities. Though several people have thought I was writing about them when they were nowhere in my mind at the time. So, Marti, who then was your inspiration when you created the persona of Captain John Phillips?   
MM: Ahhh...Captain Phillips’ persona is modeled after someone I know but just who that is will stay with me.
 DD:  With a nursing career, attending the university and being a single mother to five children, (My hat is off to you on all of this) how did you make time to write?   
MM:  I would walk my dogs in the early dusk.  By the time we rounded back toward home, the sun would be set and the moon on the rise.  It was during those walks that I would plan out each chapter.  My laptop would come out and I would put those ideas into words late at night.  Frequently, I would get up before anyone else in the house was awake and steal quite moments to write as the sun rose.  I love those times!
 DD: I totally agree with you about writing in the early morning. Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?  
MM:  Don’t waste time trying to be perfect at first.  Just write, write, write!  Get your ideas on paper (on your computer).  Write something every day.  Talk to other authors and attend writer’s conferences to glean from the experiences of the “experts”.  Stay with it and don’t get discouraged.
 DD: Thanks Marti.  That's all great advice and can't be repeated to often. So, tell me where and at what events can the readers meet you?   
MM: I will be sharing in the launching party for “Midnight Omen Deja vu” this summer in Salt Lake City (date to follow).  On August 7th and 8th, I will be signing books at the Barataria Pirate and Faerie Faire in Sprinfield, Missouri.  In September, I will be in Denver for the Buccaneer’s Bash and in October, the Tall Ship’s Festival on Catalina Island, California.  There are several other local events in and around Salt Lake as well.
 DD:  How can the readers find out more about these events?
MM:  All of the events and book signings are listed on my website (www.martimelville.com).
 DD:  Great. Are you available for public speaking engagements or book club meetings?   
MM:  Absolutely!  I enjoy the opportunity to spend an evening with readers and authors alike.
 DD:  How is the best way to contact you?  
MM:  I can be reached through my website (www.martimelville.com) or by phone at 951-216-4411.
 DD:  Where can we get a copy of "Midnight Omen Deja vu"?  
MM:  Orders are now being taken directly through my publisher, PublishAmerica on their site.  You can also order through my website (www.martimelville.com).  Mention this interview in an email to me (martimelville@gmail.com) and receive an additional 10% off your order.
 DD:  Marti, I don't know about anyone else but I love a discount. Will there be more “Deja vu”?   
MM:  There will always be Deja vu moments.  “Midnight Omen Deja vu” is not the last of Captain Phillips and Kathryn.
 DD:  Are you saying there is a sequel?  
MM:  Yes.  The sequel is currently being written.
 DD:  Will Kathryn and her pirate Captain be reunited ever again?  
MM:  Perhaps.  You never know what can happen in a lifetime (especially in a previous one).  I suspect Kathryn will meet her Captain once again but when and how is something you’ll just have to read to find out.
 DD: LOL.  Marti, you've been really great.  You've intrigued us and left us wanting more.  Perhaps you'll consent to a brief excerpt and I can post it tomorrow.  Tune in everyone to find out if Marti will give you a bit more of a taste.  Until then.................

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Alden Loveshade said...

The description of your book fascinates me. I just sent you an email to get my own copy.

I've been writing mostly non-fiction lately, but am going back to working on a fantasy so need to read more. I look forward to reading your book.

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