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Excerpt for my three Amazon Shorts

A Bad Boy’s Heart

Damien’s pants pockets begin to vibrate, and again he thought, Mia, hoping before he allowed the hope to die that it would be her. But it wouldn’t be. He knew it. His heart still felt same coldness it had the night she’d accused him of trying to steal from her brother.
He may have been a dog but he’d never stolen from anyone. The very idea that the woman he loved could think he would steal from her brother and break her heart… that he couldn’t forgive. Who the hell was he kidding? All Mia had to do was come to him and he’d forgive her. He sighed and reached into this pocket for the phone. No one ever called him at the zoo.
“Damien Terrell?”
“Yeah,” Damien answered. “Who’s this?”
“Latayara, Jones from Mr. Sal’s. We met when you came in to audition for singer. Are you still interested?”
This couldn’t be happening. Damien gripped the slender phone in his hand. Interested? Hell yes, he was interested.
“Are you saying I got the job?”
“Sure, it’s yours if you want it. Why do you think I called?”
“You’ve got a good voice, I’m sure the women at the club will be pleased. Before long you’ll have your pick of women in the city of Chicago.” Latayara, laughed. “You’ll see.”
When the last of the details were discussed, Damien flipped the phone close and stared at it. Latayara was wrong. He wouldn’t be able to have his pick of women. There was only one woman he wanted and that was Mia.
Mia, he thought and glanced at the phone again. He wanted to call and tell her his dream had finally come true. She’d been so sure, so confident in his abilities. She’d straight out told him that if he didn’t go after his God given talents she would lose respect for him.
It hadn’t taken more than that. Losing Mia’s respect wasn’t even an option, despite his father telling him he was whipped. He’d given him that. He’d played that role for Mia, but not anymore.
When his phone rang again Damien was stunned. Two calls in one day. He looked at the number, and not one of the calls was from Mia. “Yeah, Pop,” he answered.
“What’s with the attitude?” Charles Terrell snorted. “You still jonesing bout that smart alecky girl you been running after, the one that’s got your nose open like a Mack truck?”
“Lay off, Pop.”
“I’m not gone lay off till you stop acting like a damn punk and start acting like a man. You make me ashamed of being your damn father, boy. Grow the hell up.”
Damien counted to ten determined not to get into a fight with his father over Mia. His father had never met her and yet he hated her. Part of that was Damien’s fault. He should never have told his parents that Mia thought she was better than he. That was the catalyst that kicked it all off.

Dreams Are for
One a.m. and nearly a hundred people still partied in the streets on the corner of
Madison and California, what was known in the neighborhood as Catfish Corner. In the heart of
what many termed the ghetto. Yet, Heaven could not have felt more at ease or more a part of her
For seven years, Alderman Wallace Davis had owned and operated the catfish restaurant
and provided a place for folks to congregate, eat, drink, dance and feel safe, much like a block
party. The Chicago Police were forever trying to find a reason to close the alderman down, but
nothing had ever happened: not one fight had jumped off. All he had to do was remind the
people that the law was looking for a reason to close him down and they banded together tighter
than Dick’s headband.
An affordable night out for the working class and those barely working and just
struggling to survive had been the goal. The musicians played for free, depending on the collections taken up on their behalf.

Heaven sighed and looked at Mike the good-looking brother who had been
glued to her side all night, thinking when the night ended he was going to get some. Psyche. No
way. She smiled, batting her eyes at the brother. She did love the brothers and she did used to
love to flirt. But that was back in the day when Brandon had been her safety net, and the men had
known she was with Brandon and that nothing was going to happen but a few dances and a look
or two. Now it was getting downright dangerous to give that certain look to a man. He would be
ready to strip down and claim something she’d never offered.

Laugher so rich and full bubbled from his brown berry lips that Heaven stood still for a
moment and just watched him. He’d been pushing up on her all evening and he was fine. Too
fine, in fact and his line, though tired, had amused her; made her remember she was a woman
and not a troll. Heaven was grateful to Mike for showing her that there were some good looking
brothers that still preferred the color brown and all its varieties to vanilla latté.
Heaven laughed pushing his hand away from her butt.
“Come on, baby, you feel so good, just give a brother a little something something.”
Once again Heaven pushed his hands away. “Don’t make me go ghetto on you. I don’t
play that touching when I haven’t given you permission.”
“Then give me permission, baby.”

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Only You
Jake’s hand moved up Torrie’s thigh as he heard her moan his name. He placed butterfly
kisses on the outside of her thigh not daring to move so much as an inch inward. He shivered as
the lust claimed him, but was determined to take this slow. He’d waited a lifetime to make love
to Torrie, he wouldn’t rush it now.
“Not now, baby, we’ve got forever. We have the rest of our lives.”
“But I want you, now please, Jake.”
He shuddered hard. Damn he wanted her, too. But he wanted her to forever remember
their first time together, and if he took her now when he was so hot there would be nothing to
remember. It would all be over the moment he felt her heat surround him.
“Take it down a notch, Torrie. I swear baby, you won’t be disappointed.” Jake moved
upward; he was too close to Torrie’s sweetness, too close to where he wanted to be, too close to
not give in and take a taste. White-hot desire shot through him, and he shuddered hard,
determined to hold on. He kissed her hip then her belly and began working his way back up her
body until he was looking down at her chocolate tipped mounds. She tasted delicious, and she
smelled so good. He loved touching her beautiful chocolate skin. He’d never known anyone with
skin a soft as Torrie’s. His breathing was coming faster, he was darn near panting. He had to
slow it down or it would be over even before he had a chance to feel her heat. Talk, he thought,
talk to her while you make love to her.

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