Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is anything private?

Since I really try to avoid public battles and I still want to have my say I thought I would do it here. I don't know that anyone reads any of the blogs that I do anyway but it's a sure bet this one is read the least. So basically this is a diary entry. LOL

The topic I want to discuss is privacy. Should we be held accountable for the things we say in our homes? Should anyone be able to tape our most private conversations and sell them? Should a person lose their job for their private views, racist or otherwise?

Since this is my diary entry so to speak I'll answer that question for me and me alone. I don't think so.

Now hold up. I'm not saying that teaching your children hateful words is right, but two wrongs don't make a right. A child should not tape private conversations and then offer them to the world.

Would you really like for aunt Bessie to know that you think her potato salad is the worst thing you've ever tasted that you wouldn't feed it to your dog nor give it to the hog as part of the slop they're fed?

Would you want your friend to know you think she's been acting like a tramp. How about your sister, would you want her to know that you think her kids are little brats? Would you like for your husband to know that you fake it and always have?

Everyone says things, mean and hurtful derogatory things. Should every word we say be held up for public scrutiny? Where does it end? Why don't we just have cameras installed in our homes and give big brother an open view to our lives?

Come on people. Is anything private anymore? If anyone does read this I would love to hear your opinion. Thanks.



Little_Miss_Know-It-All said...

I agree with you!! We all have public opinions on racism slurs, honesty, God and following His law etc. But must of us do, in private, alot of the things we condemn.

Dyanne said...

Thanks for commenting. I guess I should have mentioned what I was talking about. I think the guy's name was Dog the bounty hunter or something like that.

Anyway his kid taped a conversation between his father and himself and his father lost his tv show. Then the child sold the tape to the tabloids.


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Lest Ye Be Judged
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