Monday, April 20, 2015

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I wrote this blog on Sunday, but for some strange reason was unable to post it. You might remember that Cici Edwards and I have challenged ourselves to blog at least twice a month. This is our second blog. LOL.  You may not think don this twice a month is a big deal, but believe me it is. If you get a chance drop by Cici's blog.

On Saturday I got a chance to do one of the things I love best, interview an author.
I think I've mentioned a time or two that for almost ten years now, I've been doing a local cable show in my hometown. For a while the show was streaming live, and I've put a few clips up on youtube.

Back to my original point. Saturday I interviewed Sonali Dev for the second time.  The first time (she said) was two years ago before her debut book, A Bollywood Affair from Kensington hit the shelves to rave reviews.The book has received numerous awards, all of which I had her name on the interview, but naturally can't remember at the moment.  The one I do remember however is the award ALL members of Romance Writers of America strive for, The Rita.

A Bollywood Affair has been nominated for Best First book, and the winner will be announced the national RWA conference being held this year in NY.  After the conference I'll let you know how it goes. But win or lose Sonali is already a winner in my eyes, the member of our chapter, Windy City RWA, her family and friends, and I'd love to wish her all the best.

Sonali is a cheerful person. a delight to talk to. But the post will be about writers and their support systems. We all need them. I could not have found a better support system than my husband Bill. Sonali could not have found a better support system than her entire family. Her husband, children and mother in-law came to the studio with her for the interview. Their love and pride beamed from their eyes. When the show is edited I will do a follow up piece and include pictures and perhaps a bit of the interview.

For her first book signing her family came from India, Fifty members of her family arrived from all parts of the globe and bunked on every square inch of space.

The reason this story is important is because when you're in a family, (and we all are) the encouragement, love and patience of that family means much more than words can ever express. Housework is abandoned (yeah) meals become fast food (yum) and everyone has to pitch in. The schedule is crazy, you're writing in your mind even doing the most intimate of times. The family keeps a writer anchored in all that they need. Sonali has such a family, and believe me, they are all as wonderful as she is. Well done, Sonali.  By the way, Sonali's new book, The Bollywood Bride will be released in Sept.

Some of the Windy City members came out to wish Sonali well, at Andersen's bookstore in Naperville IL. during her first book signing. The place was so packed the closest we could get to her was to find a spot in the back and take a picture. (Thank you Bill)

Well done, Sonali, well done.

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