Sunday, May 17, 2015

Have you noticed how much things have changed in the last decade or so?  Of course you have. The thing that struck me this past week was the weight of a book.  Yep, you heard correctly.  I'd just finished reading two very well written and interested books, back to back.  The only thing was that book books were depressing.  I needed something light to read.

I have hundreds fo books on my Kindle and on my Kindle Fire, but I needed an all around book, you know, one I could take into the bathroom. one that I could put in that little side pocket in the car, because I like to have a book in the car to read in case I'm waiting for Bill to run into the hardware or something. I don't like doing that with my Kindles.

So, I started looking through my bookcases for something that wasn't too happy and definitely not depressing. Romance was out. And don't even think because I'm a romance writer that's all I like to read. Anyway, romance was out because it was just too happy after the other books. I had to ease back into happy.

So I picked up a book, Spirit Of The Heart, by Barbara Cary, a very nice person, great author and a former member of Windy City RWA, my chapter.  The book was signed for me in 2001.  Just hold on, I know you're wondering why I'm giving you all this background information. There's two reasons: 1. Cici Edwards and I are still united to blog twice a month, and I'm trying to stretch this out. 2. The year 2001 is significant.

The book felt like a brick. Seriously, it is sooooooooooo heavy.  I started my search for books with the same amount of pages to make sure I wasn't hallucinating.  I wasn't.  Then I gave Bill and Billy both books and had them compare. Yes, they felt the difference.

Apparently in 2000 (copyright date of the book) the printers used heaver paper in the manufacturing of books. Check it out for yourself. It appears I had little to do since I wasted a considerable amount of time on this.

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Lest Ye Be Judged
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