Sunday, August 09, 2015

Getting personal

Good morning, all.  Perhaps you're wondering why I'm posting this cover when this story is old...well...sort of old, and considering that the book I'm promoting is my recently published novel,
I'll tell you.Since Cici Edwards and I decided that we needed to push ourselves to  promote our work we've been working on posting a blog twice a month. During the off times we're trying to find things of interest to talk about.  If you think because we're writers that would be easy think again.

Writers are for the most part private people. We don't like divulging a lot of personal information about ourselves, so we have to find other things that we hope readers will be interested in. There's also a practical reason for that. Despite how much time and effort a writer, ALL writers put into their craft, there will always be things said about the work that can destroy if the writer hasn't developed a super thick Teflon skin. Knowing that why in the world would we expose our real lives?  We'd be crazy to. Right?

And on that note, my planned post for today was going to be just that, exposing a part of myself, my reasons for writing. But as oftentimes happens something came in and saved me from that.  I was looking for an image to use as an opening.  The blank pages opening always look a little bare to me.  Anyway, like most things in my life that I have no control over, I have even less control over where my computer will open on the numerous picture files that I have stored.

When I scrolled to Vulcan's cover, I knew I now had my somewhat changed topic.  This post will still speak about me, but only the fantasy part. Which when you think about it could indeed be the real me.

You're going to have to scroll by up and take a good look at the cover.  Go ahead, I'll give you time.

Okay, did you get a good look?  Did you get the title?  THE GOOD SIDE OF EVIL. How about the flames, and the flaming sword.  And could you see that the flaming V looks sort of like a demon?  No. Hmm. Maybe that's just me.

That whole cover tells you something about me if you think about it long enough.  I'll give you one clue: I believe in redemption.Vulcan is a demon and by definition therefore he's EVIL. Right? Wrong.I enjoyed writing about Vulcan more than any character I've ever written. I believed if anyone could write a demon and redeem him, I could. Afterall, I have a bit of a demon in me.


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