Thursday, July 09, 2015

Secrets of the Orient......Now Available. YEAH!!

Finally, the 30 days of Secrets being on Amazon Scout is about to come to a close. Today is the last day for votes.It seems this book has taken an extremely long time to see the light of day. Writing a book is always the first part. After that comes revision, revision, revision, followed by editing and more revision followed by even more. Then comes the formatting of the book, waiting for the book to be approved, waiting for the hard copy to come to you.

Now comes the fun part.  You take a red pen and go through the entire book word by word, marking up anything you've missed on all the other revisions and editing.  You make the changes you've found on your mss and resubmit.  It's perfect. Or is it.  There is one word you're wondering if you caught, chose instead of choose. You look in the book to see if it's in red. Nope it's not you didn't catch that one letter, which of course make the word choice not what you wanted.

What do you do next? Leave the mss alone as it's in the process of  being reviewed by Amazon. Afterall it's only one letter you missed. You go on that way for an hour. Maybe no one would notice the one word. But you know it and your name is on this. You want it the best to your ability. Knowing there is one wrong choice and you allowed it to be printed that way is not your best. So... you get up go to your mss. make the correction, resubmit the mss wait for notice that it's being accepted.

Think I'm done?  Think again.  Now I proof the book online again and just for good measure, I download a copy and proof again.

So will all pride, I now proudly tell you that, Secrets of the Orient is now available for your reading pleasure.
As always, thanks for your support.


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