Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Yesterday my niece needed me to baby-sit her three month old baby. And she wanted me to come to her home to do it. She wasn't going to get home until about 10:30 pm. So, from noon until then.
You already know that I like being at home in my own house. And you know that I don't like to change my daily routine. You're also aware by now that I can't stay awake past 8 P.M.
My niece decided to bring the baby to me since it would be longer than the two hours she had orginially asked me to keep him. Her reason: I would still have access to my computer and be able to write. Yeah right!!
I have to admit he is the cutest little baby I've seen in a long time. Bill and I always pop in to see him for five minutes when we're passing right by their home. My niece lives in the next suburb from me, not even five minutes away. I'll saying that to say this, I'm not against babies just having them change my entire day.
Guess what? He got to me. He got to Bill and when Billy came home from work took one look at him and this grin appeared on his face, so wide that you would have thought he'd won a major prize, I looked at Bill and said, "Oh oh he's sucked the entire family in.
Jermaine(JO JO) gurgled, cooed, laughed and smiled his way into our hearts like never before. It wasn't the same as the little drive bys we'd been doing. We didn't leave his side even when he took little catnaps in my bed. Bill and I were in the room with him, touching him, kissing him, talking about how cute he is.
You know you can almost forget how wonderful it feels to have a new sweet smelling baby lying on your shoulder, your chest just holding them even while they sleep and not worrying about spoiling him because Hey, lets face it, he had to go home with his mother. LOL.
I don't remmber if I blogged about this, that when he was born you couldn't touch him without using this hand sanitizer and you definitely couldn't kiss him. Tanya actually had the nerve to bring the sanitizer to me yesterday. I wanted to laugh at the child. We kissed that little baby so much you wouldn't believe it and I wasn't even thinking about writing. Bill even said to the baby, "Why haven't we kept you before." Whenever he was going to leave from where the baby was he'd come right to his face and say, JO JO, uncle Bill is going to leave for a few minutes I have to....fill in the blanks. I thought it was so cute. I wasn't doing that though.
But I did let him cry for a couple of minutes while I just held him and listened to him. I tried to tell myself it was because I'm a nurse and I've never heard him cry. When I tell you that I was holding him smiling while he cried you could say I'm mean or insane but I'm going to tell you the reason since I figured it out. I couldn't comfort him if he didn't cry. There would be no need to say, whatcha matter with the baby. LOL.
When Tanya picked Jo Jo up she said to us when she was leaving, "Okay show the baby some love." I said, "Tanya, you're holding him for us to kiss him?" She answered, "Yes, you've been doing it all day anyway." LOL.
Sometimes interrupted plans bring many blessings. Did I stay awake? Just barely. Will I keep him again. You bet, in a heart beat.
Dyanne--still smiling.

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Lest Ye Be Judged
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