Friday, August 25, 2006

Changing Times

Have you ever had the image you hold in your head of yourself smashed into tiny little pieces? Okay, I'm being overly dramatic.But seriously some things make you think. Admittedly I'm frugal. I just don't believe in spending for the sake of spending and I do like to get what I paid for or more than what I paid for.

In other words I love bargains. You need this info for the set-up. LOL. On Wednesday Bill and I (you all know that's my hubby right?) went to long Jonh Silver's. We placed our order and went to the windon. Bill is in the process of handing over the money and the cashier says, "oh wait a minute I almost forgot. I don't mean to offend but it's senior citizen day and you get 20% off.

Neither my husband nor myself have reached that age and believe it or not I have a long time to go. But saving 20% is saving 20%. LOL. I laughed all the way home. When we got there I looked at Bill and said, "Hmm, she must think you're the senior because I know she couldn't be talking about me."

The funny thing a week ago I was talking to Lisa G. Riley and telling her how i was now using my age to get the things I wanted. You know, the respect your elders thing. Well when I went for jury duty I kept getting taller people to change the channel on the telvevision for me. I told Lisa when you get a certain age you can do certain things, people either think you're crazy or they have respect for their elders. Either get what you want. LOL. And now it appears you get things you didn't ask for. Listen if I wasn't so darn frugal I might think about a face lift but like I said I don't spend for the sake of spending. Nature will win in the end and I will be thousands of dollars poorer, so I guess I'll get ready to visit more places on Wednesday.

Have a great week-end everyone.


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